Lessons from my toddler for healthy living

What my toddler needs for healthy growth and development:

  1. Calcium, protein and iron, although he only eats what he wants to eat at the end of the week his diet is balanced.
  2. Rest (8+ hours of sleep and naps)
  3. Fresh air (time playing outside)
  4. Brain stimulation (puzzles, exploring, satisfying his curiosity)
  5. Love, lots of unconditional love, positive regard, and positive feedback

Add good red wine + ice cream to that and I think that’s the recipe for what we adults can also use to be healthy and happy….maybe….

It’s my birthday. I’m 25 years old (ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!). Anyway…I make resolutions on my birthday instead of on New Year’s Eve/Day because my b-day happens to come at the end of the academic year (and as a teacher that’s significant); New Year’s comes in the middle of a bunch of holidays and celebrations (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Wedding Anniversary, other birthdays, Easter….) and it’s too confusing to think clearly; and it’s cliché to make resolutions on New Years that I then don’t remember/keep.  So inspired by my toddler, here are my birthday resolutions:

  1. Do what I want and I know is right for me. My toddler has no clear concept of other people’s feelings yet, although he is able to read emotions and moods; so he does what he wants, when he wants and stops when it seems to not make someone else feel o.k.
  2. Say “no” more often. My toddler says “no” and laughs, but means it when he says “no” and I’m learning to hear him and respect him. It works for us…not so much for daddy…
  3. Get more fresh air. I’ve never been much of an outdoors-type of girl, but I can definitely take a walk once in a while, sit outside and eat my lunch and take my toddler for a walk or play with hi outside which will also benefit me.
  4. Advocate for myself. My toddler always tells me what he wants/needs – “no,” “up,” “down,” “outside,” “more,” etc. It is simple language and I get it. I can do the same for myself with my employer, my doctors, friends, family, and hubby!
  5. Eat and not worry. It all balances out at the end of the week.
  6. Love and laugh! He does that, I think, without thinking about it and so can I.
  7. Drink wine and eat ice cream. This does not need an explanation…

Sevenm is more than enough because tomorrow when my red wine buzz wears off I probably will only remember “do what I want”


One thought on “Lessons from my toddler for healthy living

  1. Great insight and tips (especially #7 – you are right it needs no explanation)! We’d all do better with a little fresh air and a little more “no”! Thanks for the great post.

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