I’m sure that the title of this post is not breaking news to any parent.  It just happened to hit me yesterday that we take better care of our son than we do ourselves. In an earlier post about our Miracle Boy and my mom I noted that he eats 3 meals + 3 snacks a day, he takes a 2 hour a nap and gets 10+ hours of sleep a night, he gets at least 1 hour of exercise outdoors, and gets to use both his right and left brain cells at school (puzzles, art projects, etc.). His life is balanced!

This week while folding laundry I realized that our son is all set for summer.  He has enough short + t-shirts sets to last him two weeks without having to do laundry, several hats, summer shoes and to add insult to injury we bought him beach toys! (and he has yet to visit the beach) and mommy has nothing – no shorts, no t-shirts, no sandals, and no beach toys! I’m wearing my fall clothes…thank goodness summer weather has only showed up a few times so far…but next week I’ll need summer clothes…

A week ago my husband asked “Are there any adult snacks in the house?” Translation – all the good food in the house belongs to our son, what are we going to eat? Miracle Boy loves fresh fruit (which we also eat but I dare not eat the last strawberry lest Miracle Boy not have enough) but he also eats things we’re not interested in – yogurt smoothie, apple sauce, goldfish, crackers, and the mandatory cheerios.

The above is true partly because my brain is stuck on our son. Every time I enter a store I think about what he needs and then I happen to remember that I need deodorant or my husband needs lotion, etc. So as a result Miracle Boy is well-dressed and well-fed and we are eating his left-overs and wearing last year’s fall clothing this summer!


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