A tentative semi-quiet voice asks “Mommy? Ponytails?”

Huh? Did my son just ask me to put his hair in a ponytail?

“What did you say pumpkin?”

Taking his almost non-existent low afro hair in each hand and pulling outward he repeats himself louder and more assertively “Mommy. Ponytails!”

“O.K. honey.”

We finish drying off from bath and putting on lotion. Daddy comes in to read a story and I put some bobby pins in his hair and say “Here baby boy. Ponytails.”

He smiles broadly.

Daddy rolls his eyes and sucks his teeth.

If my baby boy wants ponytails then I’m gonna give him ponytails, even if he doesn’t have enough hair to do so.

Damn those cute little girls in his class who get their hair put in ponytails by the teachers! It’s special individual time with a teacher and now my son wants that too.

I’m taking barrettes to day care tomorrow so they can give him ponytails too!


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