Distratced Driving

When I first learned how to drive my mom told me to not eat or drink while driving, not to play the music too loud, and not to carry on conversations with my passengers lest I be distracted from the road.  Basically: keep both hands on the wheel, look straight ahead at all times, and get where you’re going safely.

Our state recently convicted a young man for texting while driving. Which got me to thinking about how I am a distracted driver. I don’t text while driving and I try not to talk on my cellphone while driving unless very necessary, but it got me to thinking about what other laws could be passed to prevent other types of distracted driving. Here’s how I’m distracted (maybe you are also):

  1. I drink coffee or some other beverage while driving – I drink and drive (Auntie J this one is for you!)
  2. I sometimes eat while driving
  3. I constantly check the rear-view mirror (taking my eyes off of the road) to see what my toddler is up to in the back seat
  4. I sing songs with my toddler, including hand movements & clapping (taking my hands off of the wheel); and if I’m not singing with him, I’m talking to him
  5. I fiddle to reach my wallet as I approach the toll because I didn’t think to pull change out ahead of time
  6. If my toddler drops a toy, I try to reach it to give it back to him so he won’t start crying and yelling

These are just a few examples, but you get the picture.  We’re all distracted in some small way or another, especially if we’re driving with children.  I wasn’t quick to condemn that young man who was convicted of texting and driving, but it did make me more conscious of what I do while I drive.So my admission for the day is: I am a distracted mommy driver! And I’m thankful that I make it to my destinations safely.

Please don’t text and drive. Use hands-free if you’re on your cellphone. And let your child cry if he drops his toy! 🙂




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