Mouse in my car, Arsenic in my rice, Mold in my office

Since I had been silent on my blog for so long, I had plans to blog about my hair, the difficulty of relationships between daughters and mothers, the rudeness of college kids, but the title says it all. My day was a whacky one!

If you follow me on Face Book then you know that our Miracle Boy has a somewhat limited diet.  I’d say that it is not bad for a toddler whose not quite two yet, but still limited.  Rice is a staple. Well…yesterday (or the day before) the news was HOT with the story that rice contains arsenic.  I didn’t even bother to read or listen to the “fine print” to figure out if it was enough arsenic to be bad for us, but I did hear that 1 cup a day was not good.  We (the adults) probably eat 1 cup a day and Miracle Boy eats 1 cup every other day.  Come on now! Rice is a staple in many cultures. “They” cannot take away our rice!!!

Yes, there was a mouse (actually two) in my car.  I do not do bugs or rodents in any shape or form.  I don’t do animals really, but have warmed up to the zoo over the years and even took Miracle Boy to pet the goats at Southwick Zoo last year.  But in general, I prefer humans.  So imagine me when my friend Elspeth says “Don’t scream, but there’s a mouse in your car” as I’m dropping her off at the train station.  To make it worse she and hubby begin laughing at me as I’m hysterically trying to explain to J on the phone what is going on.  Theory:  there is a mouse nest (do they have nests?) in the engine somewhere because the air conditioner wouldn’t work today (making funny clicking noises as if something was rubbing up against it).  No one (meaning hubby) has looked under the hood of the care to check this theory.

And finally, no one who works with me is surprised by this – there is mold in my office.  I’m in the basement and we got a dehumidifier, but today I could actually smell the mold! I’ve been coughing like I have asthma (which I don’t) since we got back to school, which is not a good sign.  DEEP SIGH and a ROLLING OF MY EYES to those folks who think “working for the state” is so great…our building is old and probably toxic to our health…along with the mold in my office the sewage has been known to back up on the side near the other basement offices….

On a positive note, Laurie and I have finally begun our interviews for our research project and we hope to bring some positive light to the topic of ectopic pregnancies.

What else can I say? I’ll write about hair and mothers another day. I need a shower, warm tea, sleep, and … maybe an exterminator…