Need to find a cause & cure


The disease that quickly took my grandmother’s ability to care for herself and thus took her life; is very slowly and painfully killing my mommy. And all my degrees, years of experience, good intentions & prayers can’t do a thing to stop it.
It’s odd how 1 disease, not diagnosed until post-mortem can manifest itself so differently in different people. On one hand she knows something is happening but isn’t clear what. Tonight, what used to be one of the sharpest dressed women, spent an entire hour looking for a damn hat to wear to church. On the other hand she thinks it might be a nice idea to go back to teaching. Really? She can have my job (LOL).
Her poor husband is unsure most days what to do with her and himself. I think he’s doing all he can do because what else is there to do until she completely declines? It’s sad and difficult and I’m guiltily happy to live far away. Until…
The pure joy of her grandson is now slightly irritating ( he’s a terrible 2). Food is a painful necessity. Conversations are short and disjointed (sometimes funny or frustrating). 4 hours out of the house results in exhaustion and a shutting down or a semi-hyper/pseudo-psychotic fit.
Folks don’t like to talk about it cuz it’s sad and embarrassing. Which is why there is no cure or identified cause. Alzheimer’s needs a definitive cause and cure.
In 2013 I’ll be blogging weekly to bring awareness (and vent) and writing my Reps for research funding.
If it were your mom what would you do?