Going “G-Free:” The Karagöz puppets freak at the idea of gluten-free bread

This is an issue I have been exploring given my long history with eczema and my son’s diagnosis with asthma and his reoccurring eczema. Gluten-free is difficult I understand….


It is an understatement to say that I have always loved bread. The one thing I can remember most about growing up, especially in my maternal grandparents house, was that bread and butter were to be served at every meal…not to mention snacktime as well. (I can hear Karagöz saying “damn straight!” which means he’s picked up the somewhat sarcastic Yankee-ism meaning “that’s right!”).

As a child, I can remember cutting thick slices of Italian bread with the red painted serated knife, and using the same knife to slather that bread with wavy coverings of ricotta cheese that I then adorned with green olives pushed into the slushy cheese. I would devour my odd creations right there on the cool gray marble top of the pantry in the afternoon when all were napping as hot July wins blew around Granny’s house.

This was my favorite secret snack – WAY…

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