Smaller than a drinking straw

They are not even as wide as a drinking straw

1-2cm at most

How can new life pass through them?

I am still baffled by reproductive anatomy

And in awe of the miracle that occurs


It is the 4th one

December 2006

October 2007

April 2012

July 2013


The 1st traumatic

The 2nd just shock & more questions

The 3rd physically painful and emotionally numb

The 4th the longest loss ever…2 weeks and counting

“Just take them out”


My faith is shaken

1 friend truly understands, others try

“Keep trying”


“Pray” they all say


What next?

1 miracle lives & brings continuous joy

But there is still a longing…

Still lots of questions…

And no real good answers of why


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