At the Crossroads of Victim and Victory

Sometimes our grief and pain can take over what we might consider to be our “normal” self.

Signpost in blue sky with clouds

You know that place between “I’m a victim” and “I’m victorious!”?

You know that space between 1 pint of ice cream every night and a brisk walk every morning?

It is a small space that you can easily and quickly fit/fall into if you allow yourself to do so.

Grieving is important.

Self-care is a must.

Pity should be managed.

Be victorious over your situation in a healthy way:

  1. Don’t’ be afraid to engage with a therapist. Call your insurance company to find out the options. Talk to your primary care physician.
  2. Call your close friends – the ones who accept you unconditionally,  and offer lots of positive support.
  3. Talk as much as you feel you need to – to yourself, a therapist, friends, a significant other.
  4. Cry if you want. It can be cleansing and therapeutic.
  5. Be reflective about why you feel how you feel (grieving a loss, recovering from physical pain, trying to find meaning). This can include prayer and meditation.
  6. Read other people’s stories of victory and use the lessons you find applicable.
  7. Find an activity to keep you busy/distracted. That scrapbook you’ve been meaning to put together, gardening, cleaning the attic, exercise, lunch with friends, journal…

Decide TODAY to be victorious over your grief and pain! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!


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