Goodness of Fit for Our Lives: A Form of Self Care

In one of my classes the students write a paper titled “Goodness of Fit.” The paper asks them to reflect on their semester-long volunteer experience and whether that type of agency and population as well as whether the profession of social work is a good fit for them.  Many students choose social work for what they think are altruistic reasons or because a social worker helped them…the profession is not always a good fit for them.

I do not make New Year’s resolutions – too much pressure to do something that I’m not really sure I want to do.  Instead I spend time reflecting and asking myself about the “goodness of fit.”

The Goodness of Fit includes people, places, objects, and anything that I have control over keeping or discarding.  I went through this exercise around my 30th birthday when I had a significant health/medical scare and I realized I had been tugging along and storing a lot of unwanted people, places, and things that did not fit well. It is an exercise in being attuned to yourself and who you are, where you are, and what you need (you know this changes over the course of our lifetime).  Take a look at:

(a) where you live

(b) where you work

(c) your friends and acquaintances (those face-to-face and in the cyber world)

(d) what you eat & drink

(e) what you wear

(f) your habits

(g) even your “responsibilities”

Does it all fit well into your life? Is something too tight, too loose, too short, too long??? Does anything cause you physical pain or discomfort? Is there a goodness of fit between you and your job, your neighborhood, your friends, your food, etc.? What about your actions/behavior? Do you have habits or do things for yourself or others that often annoy you; that you dread or regret?

I used to get caught up in the “right” thing to do, the “polite” or “respectful” thing to do.  I agree that there are common courtesies and exchanges that go along with our human relationships and job responsibilities, etc.  AND I firmly believe that sometimes those “should do” things also make us sick.  As well as do some people.

This is an exercise in cleansing yourself of toxicity in whatever form it comes.

Are your surroundings (people. places, and things) and habits a good fit for your life? Start cleaning! And create a Good Fit for yourself! Be well in 2014! No diet needed!


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