75 days of honoring my mom

I figured out that the semester has 75 days, give or take a few days.’ My mom would have been 75 this year. Beginning on Sept. 2nd I’ll be honoring my mom by posting M-F Sept. 2nd thru Dec. 12th some photo, poem, story, etc. that in some way honors my  om. Stay tuned.

Of Twinkies and Treadmills: Obesity Prevention and the Dignity of Risk

My friend and colleague is always right on point.

Elspeth Slayter

That overweight and obesity among adults with intellectual disabilities are matters of great concern is not up for debate. Information about the prevalence of both obesity and overweight (and related factors) are well documented in the literature (Spanos, Melville, and Hankey, 2013; Stancliffe, Lakin, Larson, Engler, Bershadsky, Taub, and Tichá, 2011). However, what has really caught my attention as of late are data suggesting a relationship between type of living arrangement and both overweight and obesity (Tichá, Hewitt, Nord and Larson 2013). Specifically, it appears that the more ‘independent’ a person’s living arrangements are, the more chance there is of becoming overweight or obese. As the sibling of a fairly independent community-based person with an intellectual disability, I am not surprised to read this finding. With my sister’s independence comes the dance of balancing choice and health – a dance I sometimes think I am more interested in than she…

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