Honoring My Momma: Day 8 of 75

My mom loved bright colors, primarily orange and yellow. When I was a little girl she used to do dried and silk flower arrangements. I’m sad we never took pictures of those arrangements and this was waaaaaay before the internet, Pintrest, Facebook, etc. so there’s no record of her beautiful work.

I wanted to honor her this year by planting some flowers that will remain a constant reminder of her beauty.  I’ll be going on Saturday to a friend’s house to gather some plants & flowers for our front yard. J bought these orange and yellow mum planters for the front steps and the others pictures are just bright flowers (1 vase in our house).

Flowers and bright colors can help brighten a mood or lighten up a mood. If you know someone who suffers from depression or seasonal affective disorder (as the days get shorter) but her or him some bright flowers. Enjoy.

Orange Mums

Orange Mums

20140914_091125sunflowersorange flowers

If you missed the first post, this is what I am doing: “I figured out that the semester has 75 days, give or take a few days.’ My mom would have been 75 this year. Beginning on Sept. 2nd I’ll be honoring my mom by posting M-F Sept. 2nd thru Dec. 12th some photo, poem, story, etc. that in some way honors my  mom.”  It has not really been M-F but it will be 75 days by the end of the year (I’m an imperfect busy mom & wife)!


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