Sharing Your Ectopic Pregnancy Story

Some time ago, a friend and I began a research project on women’s experiences with ectopic pregnancies.  Our study has led us to solicit women’s stories for a book of hope and encouragement.  Part of what we found in our study is that the women interviewed who had experienced an ectopic pregnancy: (a) did not know what an ectopic pregnancy was, (b) were not offered any type of counseling after their diagnosis and in many cases, not even after emergency surgery, and (c) found their lives had been altered and their relationships and view son pregnancy changed forever.

The book project is open to those women who participated in the original study and to any woman who would like to share her story and offer hope to others.  Stories will be published anonymously (unless the author wishes to reveal her identity).  Please share your story or refer a friend, family member, or colleague to our book project.

Guidelines for first draft:

  • Each story should have a time-line worked into the narrative of how many weeks pregnant you were (or if you didn’t know you were pregnant), how you found out you were having an ectopic pregnancy (at ER, doctor’s office), if you were misdiagnosed and sent home, if you had surgery. The details are painful, but so important for people to read. It could save a life.


  • Tell the story of what you experienced emotionally, who was there for you or not there for you in the moment, days, weeks, years that followed.


  • Here is the main message: Share what you learned, and/or what you hope others might learn. Both women enduring an ectopic, loved ones, doctors, nurses, other professionals.   Another key is what others could have done differently to add to your comfort/support.


  • Share where you are now: How have you moved forward; and if you are still contemplating next steps, share what your thoughts for the future are. If you have had children, adopted children, gotten a new partner, etc. please feel free to share that also.


  • We are asking for roughly 5 double spaced typed pages, using MS word as a format.


  • Not required, but if you would like to please send a photo of yourself and/or a photo of you and your now children or someone who is mentioned in your story. Give us specific permission to use the photo by typing at the end of your story “I give Shannon and Laurie permission to use the photos attached in the upcoming book on ectopic pregnancy stories.”


  • A short bio on yourself (2-4 sentences), where you live, your hobbies, occupation, etc. and anything else you would like mentioned.


  • Deadline for first drafts is due by November 14, 2014. We will then work with you to create the final draft by early 2015 and hope to publish soon after.




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