I couldn’t sell a Girl Scout cookie to save my life but I recently raised $3K!

Honoring Granny 2014Growing up I could not sell a girl scout cookie, nor a magazine subscription nor a candy bar (remember those BIG candy bars for $10?) to save my life! My mom was a hustler all her life. She made sure all my cookies, magazines, raffle tickets, and candy bars were sold. Always. My mom was a business woman to the max! She tried very hard to teach me how to manage money, especially how to saveĀ and invest. Some of those lessons stuck well and others….well…you know…

I’ve been hustlin’ to honor my mom and grandmother.

I am proud to say that along with my sister and friends we have raised $3,648.00! Three of us are Grand Champion fundraisers! Whoo-hoo. (maybe more because we’ve each recently collected donations).

I do this for my grandmother, my mom, and myself. I am at risk for also having Dementia of the Alzheimer’s type. I want to be able to see, enjoy and recognize my son’s children. My grandmother got 20+ years with me. My mom only got to spend 4 years with her grandson. I want my son to have me and all my faculties for as long as possible. Help us fund research to prevent a disease I know can be prevented! #EndAlz #Walktoendalz

I may not be able to sell a girl scout cookie or a magazine subscription, but I can raise some money to honor my mom and grandma!


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