Youniquely me: My new adventure

Shannon in Younique Makeup2This make-up thing is part of my self-care journey. It’s been fun and I’m learning new things about myself and others. Here’s my first Younique blog post.

What I’ve gained and learned:

  1. Looking good on the outside is as important as looking good on the inside.I’m on sabbatical and walk/jogging at least 3 days a week. I’m eating less. I’m drinking more water. Even if all I’m doing is sitting and writing or dropping the boy off at school, I get dressed and put on some make-up. I’m cute inside and out and I feel GOOD!
  2. Putting on make-up helps you be mindful and present in the here-and-now.  I have to take my time to apply my full face (most days I do just mascara and lipstick) but even still, I take my time and think about how I want to look.
  3. Cheap make-up is bad. This needs no explanation. I’m a grown Shannon in Younique Makeup3woman, with a job and I don’t need to use or buy cheap make-up. Plus Younique doesn’t make my face break out (I have allergies and eczema)
  4. Choose what you buy and from whom you buy carefully. My new side-gig/venture/business is a company that supports sexually abused women and helps women learn how to run a business. Many of the products are gluten-free. There is NO animal resting
  5. A little goes a long way.  This make-up is highly pigmented so the stuff I’ve bought will last me a looooong time.
  6. Related to #5, a light hand is best! No need to apply a lot.
  7. I’m having fun getting dolled up several days a week and helping others engage in self-care and look cuter also!
  8. Let me help you get dolled up for the holidays and buy stocking stuffers, secret Santa, teacher & co-worker gifts.


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